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Best Gifts for Rock Climbers. Perfect Presents Every Climbing Lover will Appreciate

Picking presents for climbers isn't easy. They put their lives into the hands of the equipment they use and are therefore particularly fussy about every tiny detail of their kit. But if you want the best gift for a rock climber then you have come to the right place. You don't have to do the research because we already have and come up with a foolproof rock climbing gift ideas guide.

Rock Climbing Gifts - Top 10

Rock Climbing Equipment Gifts

The riskiest gifts for rock climbing enthusiast is to buy equipment. Of course, it's the thought that counts, but getting the wrong gear as a present will likely end up with the receiver uncomfortably pretending they love it and resulting in you wasting your money. On the flip side, if you get it right it'll be the best present they'll receive for their special occasion and be smiling from ear to ear. You can't go far wrong with our best climbing equipment gift ideas, but if you want to play it safe we have loads more present ideas below.

REI Gift Card

DMM Revolver Carabiner


Send Kneebar

Belay Glasses

Climbing Gloves

Crack Gloves

Chalk Bag

CRKT Knife

Climbing Chalk

Climbing Brush

Rock Climbing Comforts

Our section on rock climbing comfort gifts is more a generic outdoorsman and woman present's guide. These are great ideas if your loved one also enjoys other outdoor activities such as camping, grilling, hiking or kayaking.

Yeti Rambler Colster

Hip Flask

Travel Mug


Sitting Mat


Bluetooth Speaker

Portable and Compact Chair

Solar Lantern

Travel Coffee Maker

Food Flask

Water Bottle

Portable Solar charger

Climbing Themed Gifts

Rock climbing themed gifts are more of a novelty style gift. But most climbers live and breathe everything to do with rock climbing so will appreciate any present that even remotely links to their favorite pastime. Having a climbing reminder around while at home or work will help keep a smile on their face until their next big climb.


Reel Rock DVD

Coffee Mug

Rock Climbing Calendar

Magazine Subscription

More Great Gift Ideas

Christmas Gifts for Rock Climbers

All the gift ideas I've recommended in this guide would make great Christmas presents, so this section on Christmas gifts for rock climbers is more about stocking stuffer presents than under the tree gifts.

Rhino Skin Solutions

Essential Climbing Knots

Hand Warmer

Lip Balm

Climbing Hand Cream

Donate to Access Fund

Finger Massage Rings

Climbing Salve

Climb On Bar

Rock Climbing Gifts for Her

When it comes to rock climbing equipment, comforts, themed products or reading material, you can give these as gifts to either a man or a woman. But there are some climbing gifts that are just for women, so if you want to buy a present for your most loved female climber here are some ideas.

Women's Rock Climbing Festival

Buff Headband

Rock Climbing Shoes

Rock Climbing Pants


Rock Climbing Gifts for Him

Rock climbing gifts for men are pretty much the same as for women. The only thing that differs is generally the clothing. So as long as you aren't buying clothes you can pretty much say it's a climbing gift for him. But if you specifically want a male climbing present here are some cool ideas.

Tie Clip

Climbing Fashion

Rock Climbing Shoes

Climbing Shorts

Climbing T-Shirt

Climbing Pants

Rock Climbing Gifts for Kids

For many climbers their favorite sports is often a family affair with the children as competitive and determined to do their best just as any grown-up is. So don't forget them when it comes time for presents as the kids love climbing as much as anyone.

Baby Romper

Chalk Bag for Kids

Kids Climbing Shoes

Mountain Markers

Rock Climbing Supplement Gifts

The strain climber put their bodies through is unreal, and build the strength and endurance needed to take such a punishment requires well-balanced nutrition. Thankfully scientists at major supplement companies have done all the hard work in making sure climbers can easily take all the nutrients they need from a few tasty products. These products make great gifts for rock climbers as people living an active life rarely have time to cook the healthy meals they need.

Protein Powder

Energy Drinks

Hydration Drinks



Supplements Gift Card

Whole Foods Voucher

Rock Climbing Training Equipment Gifts

The best form of training for rock climbing is to get out and climb. Unfortunately this isn't always possible. The next best thing is to train muscles while at home, knowing that when you do get some quality time for climbing your body is fully prepared to give it your best. Giving one of these great rocking climbing training gifts to your loved one will hundred percent be loved.

Gripmaster Pro

Yoga Mat

Resistance Bands

Massage Roller

Massage Ball


Yoga for Climbers

Rock Rings

Finger Resistance Bands

Wrist and Forearm Strengthener

Grip Strength Measurement Meter

Knots Massager

Rock Climbing Books Gifts

You can't go wrong giving a book as a present, it's one of those gifts that are good for any age group or skill level. Below is a list of some of the best rock climbing gift books currently available, they are all so good your only problem is picking which one to buy.

The Push: A Climber's Journey of Endurance, Risk, and Going Beyond Limits

Alone on the Wall

Drawn: The Art of Ascent

Yosemite in the Fifties: The Iron Age

The Crag Survival Handbook: The Unspoken Rules of Climbing

The Rock Warrior's Way: Mental Training for Climbers

Make or Break: Don't Let Climbing Injuries Dictate Your Success

Training for the New Alpinism: A Manual for the Climber as Athlete

Self-Coached Climber: The Guide to Movement, Training, Performance

The Climbing Dictionary: Mountaineering Slang, Terms, Neologisms & Lingo: An Illustrated Reference

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