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Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers. Perfect Presents Every Biking Lover will Appreciate

Mountain biking is a hobby that hits the rider's pockets hard. The best and latest equipment and gear all come with jaw-dropping price tags. So any mountain biking gift will come as a welcome surprise to a biker, but you don't need to get just any gift, get a great present by following our best mountain biking gift ideas guide.

Mountain Biking Gifts - Top 10

Mountain Biking Tools Gifts

Bikers are always tinkering, fixing or upgrading their prized possession. To do a good job they need the right tools. So there is no better present for a mad mountain biker than a new biking tool. And the best thing about many of the mountain biking gift ideas recommended below is that they are reasonably priced for a gift, and are at a size that they can even be stocking stuffers.

Tire Lever

Glueless Puncture Repair Kit

T-handle Hex Key Set

Floor Pump

Multi tool

Tread Cutters

L-Key Set

Torque Wrench Set

Mountain Biking Safety Equipment Gifts

No one thinks they are going to have an accident, but if you're taking part in a sport as high risk as mountain biking it's going to happen sooner or later. So protect your loved one with the gift of safety by buying them one of our great mountain biking safety presents.



Knee Pads

First Aid Kit

Leg Protector

Bike Parts Mountain Biking Gifts

You can spend thousands on a single bike part and many bikes you'll see on the competition circuit will likely cost more than the car that transported it to the event. But this sort of gear is out of the budget of most people and are far too expensive for the average present. So I've put together a great selection of the cheaper items you can get as a gift for a mountain biker.

Handlebar Grips

Handlebar Tape

Top-Cap Computer Mount

Dropper Remote

Headset Caps

Tubeless Valves

Water Bottle Holder/Cage

Front Mud Fender

Rear Mudguard

Seat Cover

Mountain Biking Clothes Gifts

Wearable gifts are always a great idea for mountain bikers as they often spend all their money and time on their bike that they rarely get around to going out and buying clothes.

Hydration Backpack

Mountain Bike Shoes





More Great Gift Ideas

Miscellaneous Mountain Biking Gifts

Below I'll give you several mountain biking themed gifts that don't fit into any of the other sections. Many of these are the traditional sort of presents such as a coffee mug or water bottle. But traditional gifts are popular for a reason, people love receiving these items.

Mountian Biking Holiday

Shoe Dryer

Mountain Bike Posters

Magazine Subscription

Coffee Mug

Mastering Mountain Bike Skills

The Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance

Water Bottle

Mountain Biking Cleaning Gifts

Cleaning Kit

The least enjoyable part of any hobby is having to clean up afterward. And as you can imagine, mountain biking needs a lot of cleaning. In general, giving someone a cleaning gift could lead to a bit of anger. But for a mountain biker, as long as it makes the job of looking after their very expensive bike easier or faster, the gift will be received with a massive smile on their face.

Dummy Hub Cleaning Helper

Cleaning Brush Set

Chain Cleaner

Chain Lube

Gear Floss Microfiber Cleaning Rope

Pressure Washer

Mountain Biking Camera Gifts

It's the way of the world today, taking pictures or video of everything we do to share on Instagram, twitter or facebook. And mountain bikers are no different. They want everyone to witness the awesome ride they just completed and the only way to do that is to film it. Not easy when you are on a bike, but if you buy them one of the mountain biking gift ideas below it becomes much easier for them to share with you the sport they love.

Cell Phone Mount

Go Pro


Cell Phone Lens

Mountain Biking Supplements Gifts

As with every sport the equipment can only fo so much, after that, it's down to the individual and how well their mind and body is prepared for the test ahead of them. Eating the right diet and taking the correct supplement goes a long way in helping with this preparation so a gift of some quality supplements will be very well received.


Energy Drinks

Creatine Powder


Gift Card

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