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Best Gifts for Kayakers. Perfect Presents Every Kayaking Lover will Appreciate

Finding the best gifts for kayakers isn't easy if you don't partake in the activity yourself. You probably know they use a boat and paddles but little else beyond that. Well, fear not, this kayaker gift guide will give you all the ideas you'll need to surprise your loved one with the perfect present.

I'm going to assume the person you're buying a present for already owns a kayak and your looking to buy a kayaking gift to complement their hobby. I'll guide you through the best safety equipment, clothing, books, fishing gear and other wonderful accessories that make kayaking all the more pleasurable.

Kayaking Gifts - Top 10

Kayak Safety Equipment Gifts

Safety equipment isn't the most glamorous of kayaking gifts, but you are buying for a loved one, and I'm sure their wellbeing is extremely important to you. And if you're buying a gift for a kayak lover, anything even remotely related to their favorite pastime will be very well received.

First Aid kit

Be prepared for all eventualities is a mantra for all outdoors people. Of course, this is impossible, but it should be the goal of anyone that engages in a dangerous activity to cover as many bases as possible. And a good first aid kit will have you covered for many of the mishaps that can occur while kayaking. And as the kit I'm recommending also comes in a dry bag it makes a first aid kit a great present.


For kayakers that have a leisurely paddle in a small lake or those that are having a relaxing fishing trip, a helmet is probably not needed. But for adrenaline junkies that love a bit of whitewater kayaking, a helmet is essential. Giving a kayaker this gift could easily save their life. I'm recommending the best helmet currently available, which is crazy expensive. But for a more reasonably priced helmet, and still exceptionally good, try the WRSI Current Pro Helmet.

Life Jackets

The name of this item says all you need to know about why it's the perfect gift for kayakers. A life jacket should always be worn when out kayaking (although I must confess I don't always wear mine) as you never know when you'll run into trouble.

Waterproof headlamp

A headlamp is a wonderful present for people that take part in all sorts of outdoor activities and kayaking is no different. But for obvious reasons, you will need to make sure you get a waterproof headlamp.

Safety Whistle

A safety whistle is a great stocking stuffer for Christmas and the Coghlans multi-function whistle is what I'd recommend. Not only is it a great whistle for emergencies but it also comes with a magnifier, a compass, and a two-scale thermometer. If you upgrade to the six function whistle you also get an LED light and a signal mirror.

Inflatable Life Vest

Kayak Fishing Gear Gifts

One of the most popular activities to do in a kayak is fishing - kayaking and fishing go hand in hand.

Portable Fish Finder

If your going fishing the one thing you want to find is fish. So what better gift to give someone who loves to fish while kayaking than a portable fish finder. The price range for this type of product varies massively, I recommend the Venterior if you want a cheap option, but if you want one of the best fish finders I'd say you can't go wrong with the Deeper Pro Wireless Wi-Fi fish finder.

Kayak Fish Bag

For those of you that haven't done kayak fishing, you've probably never thought about the problem of what to do with the fish once they have been caught. But this is a problem, and thankfully Seattle Sports has come up with a great fishing bag to solve this issue. Making it a wonderful gift for kayakers.

Rod Holder

A present you can't go wrong with. If the person you're buying for loves to kayak and fish then a rod holder will always come in handy. Even if they already own one, a spare will still be very much appreciated.

NRS Co-Pilot Knife

There are great knives for all types of outdoor hobbies, such as the Swiss Army knife or the Leatherman's multi-tool knife, and I highly recommend both these knives. But if you want to give a knife as a present to a kayaker then I'd go with the NRS Co-Pilot knife as it is specially designed for kayakers and boaters. This knife also doubles as a bottle opener, for people that like to enjoy a beer while kayak fishing.

Fish Gripper

Landing fish can be tricky in a kayak, but giving the gift of a Fish Grip makes it safer for both the fish and the kayaker. The gripper was designed by an angler and is made in the USA to the highest standards.


Modern fishing kayaks are built wider than other kayak types, such as racing or whitewater kayaks, for extra stability. But no matter what type of kayak the person you're buying a gift for owns, getting an outrigger for them will add far more stability. Making their fishing trips much more enjoyable.

Kayak Angler Magazine Subscription

Keep the kayaking angler in your life up to date with all the latest rigging techniques, equipment, and fishing hotspots by buying them a subscription to the best selling kayak fishing magazine.

Kayak Themed Gifts

If you are looking to buy gifts for kayak lovers that reminds them of kayaking when they are away from the water then some kayak themed gifts is what you should purchase.

Kayak themed gifts are probably the safest present to buy your loved ones because most kayakers will likely already have much of the gear or have a particular product in mind for equipment they are lacking. Themed gifts show you have put the thought into buying something related to an activity they love without the risk of giving something they will never use.

Kayak Keychain

I'm sure that in the not too distant future, with the advancement of smart homes and voice and fingerprint recognition, we'll no longer need keys. But as it currently stands, everyone has a set of keys and is why a keychain is a perfect gift for kayakers.

Kayak Pen

If you know an office worker or student that loves to kayak then a kayaking pen is a wonderful present. It'll sit on their desk reminding them of all the great times they have had doing their beloved hobby.

Kayak Throw Pillow Case

Who doesn't like a nice comfy pillow? I can think of anyone I know that doesn't like to rest in comfort. And if you can't either then that should tell you people love pillows and therefore make great gifts.

Kayaks Art Decor

Although I've said kayak themed gifts are the safer option, kayak art decor doesn't really fit this description. Buying someone a piece of art for their home is extremely risky. So be sure they are crazy about everything related to kayaks before you buy it.

Whirligig Kayak Spinner

Some of you are very likely thinking "what the heck is a whirligig spinner?". Well, unless your kayaking friend is also into gardening, a whirligig is just going to be a novelty ornament gift. But if they do garden then a whirligig spinner serves a purpose. It's put into a flower bed and the vibration from the spinner repels rodents.

Floating Insulated Cooler

A floating cooler is a super cool kayaker gift. And one that looks like a kayak is the cherry on the cake for kayaking lovers. This outdoor floating cooler form CreekKooler can easily be tied to the back of a kayak and with four built-in cup holders, it's great for people that go boating in small groups.

More Great Gift Ideas

Kayak Clothing and Accessory Gifts

Some items of clothing are to look good, some are functional and other (which I covered earlier) are solely for safety. Here I'll give you some kayaker gifts that fit each of this, as well as clothing that lets everyone know of your love for kayaking.

Paddling gloves

Giving the wearer double protection, from blisters and from the cold, is what makes paddle glove a thoughtful gift for kayakers. Kayakers prefer gloves that are not only warm but also water repellent and allow for excellent movement of the fingers. So my recommendation is NRS Hydro Skin.


On a beautiful hot day, many kayakers like to go for a relaxing dip in the water to cool off. Yet the water can still be extremely cool, and this is where a wetsuit would make for a great present.

Neoprene Boots

Neoprene wetsuit boots are ideal for kayakers as they are water resistant, lightweight and give they give toes and the sole of the feet protection from the ground - the perfect gift for kayakers that get in and out of their kayak in shallow water.

Paddle Jacket

A paddle jacket, often called a dry top, is a jacket that has an elasticated opening around the wrists and neck so the water can't soak the clothing underneath. Keeping the kayaker warm and dry.

Kayak Spray Skirt

Not a kayaking gift for a beginner as it can become a safety hazard if someone inexperienced panics when they capsize. But for a more confident kayaker, a spray skirt is a great bit of kit as it helps keep water out the kayak and therefore keeps their lower half dry.


Kayaking sunglasses have to have certain features. They have to be polarized for better visibility and glare reduction. They must also have UVA and UVB protection as the sun reflecting off the water can be very damaging to the eyes. And last but not least, they must float if they are dropped in the water. Seaspecs Classic Jet floating sunglasses offer all of this. Another great gift idea is to buy a floating strap that will fit the wearers existing glasses.

Kayaker Necklace

A kayak shaped necklace charm is the "perfect kayaking gift idea for her". Let everybody see your love for kayaking, which can be a great conversation starter, with this beautiful silver pendant.

Kayak Tie Clip

I'm sure every kayaker would love to spend more time than they do on the water - it's what they love. So while they are away from their favorite pastime give them something to remind them of it. While they are working hard at the office it'll be nice if they have a kayak tie clip or cufflinks to remind them of better times.

Buff Headwear

Buff headwear is fast becoming the most popular form of headwear among people that enjoy a hobby out in the wilderness. This is because of the versatility of the product. You can wear it as a neckerchief, headband, wristband, mask, hair-band, balaclava, scarf, headband, scrunchie, saharaine, pirate cap, beanie, and bandana. It's also made of a breathable fabric and blocks 95% of UV rays. Perfect as a present for outdoors people.

Quick Drying Water Shoes

Footwear has always been a tricky one for kayakers, you obviously can't wear your work boots or shoes and you don't really want to wear your sports trainers and get them wet. This is what makes water shoes a wonderful gift for kayakers.

Kayak Embroidered Cap

Cap Retainer

Kayak Upgrade Gifts

Pimp my ride. I'm sure you've all heard about the show where people customise their cars to make them look and function better. Well this section on upgrading kayaks is in the same vein. Kayaking gifts that take the kayak to another level in terms of looks and what they can do.

Kayak Seat

Kayaking is great fun, but after sitting in one for any period of time you'll wish they were just that little bit more comfortable. This is where a kayak seat comes in handy. This is one of them products you didn't know you needed until you try it - making it the perfect kayaking gift idea.

Saddle Pads

Kayak Carriers

Most people don't have the option of leaving their kayak at a boatyard near to where they enjoy yaking. So they need carry the boat with their car everytime they wish to go kayaking. So a nice present for such a person is a car roof rack specifically designed for kayakers.

Kayak Cart

Once you have driven your kayak to the closest parking spot to where you what to take the boat out you'll need to transport it from the car to the water's edge. This is where a kayak cart comes in handy and why it's a perfect gift for kayakers.

Kayak Paddles

Surprisingly one of the kayak accessories that doesn't get the attention it deserves is the kayak paddle. After the kayak itself, it's the next most important piece of kit. And is therefore a superb present for any kayaker.

Decal Stickers

The best way to personalize a kayak and have it stand out from the crowd is to buy stickers for it. Obviously, you'll need to get a waterproof sticker. One particular sticker I can recommend, as it is a favorite for boaters, it the shark teeth decal sticker. Another popular sticker is one for the car, letting the world know about your love for kayaking. Super Stickers makes a very popular one for this purpose.

Folding Anchor System

I have bought this folding anchor system as a gift a couple of times and both times it was loved. It brought great excitement to their faces, and they couldn't wait to get out on the water to give it a try.

Kayak Accessory Gear Track

Buying an accessory gear track is a bit of an unusual kayaker gift, especially if given on its own. It's why I'd recommend if you buy this you might also want to get an accessory like a rod holder to go along with it. Which will turn an unusual present into an amazing present.

Drinks Holder

Many kayakers like a beer while fishing but would still like to have both hands free when reeling in their catch. With a drinks holder this problem is solved and why it's a nice present for kayakers.

Kayak Navigation Lights

Red and green (port and starboard) lights are the perfect gift idea for night kayakers. These lights from Bright Eyes are waterproof and help keep the receiver of the gift safer in poor visibility.

Under Boat Lights

The ultimate kayak gift to "pimp my ride" is under boat lighting. This is pure extravagance. But such style doesn't come cheap. So I'm going to recommend two different lights, one at the lower end of the price range and one that is quite expensive. The cheaper lights are from the PoHo paddle company, which is still an amazing light. But for the best under boat lights, you have to buy a Nocqua lighting system.

Miscellaneous Kayaking Gifts

Some great gifts for kayakers don't fit into any of the other sections, but they are far to good a present to be left out. So I've decided to add all these perfect kayaking gift ideas to a miscellaneous section. Buy any of these and your loved one will not be disappointed.

Inflatable Kayak

For the price, an inflatable kayak is probably the best value gift you can buy. The quality now available with inflatable products means you know longer have to worry that a small knock will cause a puncher. Intex is the market leader in inflatable kayaks, and I recommend their K1 kayak.

Dry Storage

One of the best things about the explosion of the internet is sites like Kickstarter that have helped thousands of small, passionate, masters of their trade businesses raise finances for projects that would never have happened without them. Many of the best outdoor sports products I've bought started out on such sites. And one great product to have benefited is Skorch dry bags. If you give this as a gift I'm 100% sure you'll have no complaints.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Music makes everything seem better. The obvious problem while kayaking is the risk around the water. Fortunately, this is not a problem if you give the gift of a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Ultimate Ears is a company that makes several excellent waterproof speakers and the one I'd recommend is the Wonder Boom portable speaker.

Waterproof Phone Pouch

A waterproof phone pouch is a simple gift but an important item for anyone involved in activities around water. Phones have become the device we store memories in the form of photos and video, so having them protected while kayaking is a must.

Kayak Books

Books are the everlasting gift. From the day of there invention to the modern day we have given and received books as presents. So needless to say, kayak books make the perfect gift for kayakers.

Survival Bracelet

Tactical survival bracelets are great presents for people that take part in any outdoor activity. The bracelet is made of paracord that can be unwrapped if needed for tying you kit together or securing items to a kayak. Attached to the cord are a compass, a safety whistle, a flint fire starter, and knife.

Paddle Grips

Getting blisters is all part of the game with kayakers. But you can minimise this risk with gloves or paddle grips. Paddle grips are something a kayaker might not have thought they needed, but it's a piece of equipment that once tried becomes a must-have item.

Water-Resistant Wallet

I'd love to say buy a waterproof wallet as a gift, but I have tried many that claim to be waterproof but are in fact just water resistant. Fortunately, most wallets just hold cash and cards, so just being water resistant is often good enough for most kayakers.

Waterproof Pouch

Most people want to keep their valuables like wallet, phone, keys, and passport with them, even when out kayaking. This comes with the obvious risk of having them damaged if they fall into the water. So buy your kayaking friend a waterproof pouch that they can keep with them at all times - even if they decide to go for a swim.

Tie Down Straps

Real-Time Stroke and Technique Analysis

Snorkel Set

If your not going kayaking to fish, the odds are you're going to have a dip in the water at some point. Doing this with a snorkel is so much more enjoyable, and that's what makes this a great present.

Waterproof Pocket Monocular

Not strictly a kayaking gift, but a gift for anyone that enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, birdwatching or camping. Being waterproof means this particular monocular also makes for a perfect gift for kayakers.

Glove Dryer

A lovely quirky gift to give a kayaker is a glove dryer. Most kayakers have a few pairs of gloves in their kit bag and needless to say they always get wet. So a specially made drier just for gloves is perfect for them.

Paddle Keeper

Whether it's taking a picture, reeling in a fish or having something to drink, there are plenty of reasons for a kayaker to take their hands off their paddle. This comes with the risk of losing the paddle. But it doesn't have to be an issue if you buy them a paddle keeper as a present.

Paddlers Pump

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