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Best Gifts for Hikers. Perfect Presents Every Hiking Lover will Appreciate

You’ve visited this page because you need some inspiration for buying a hiking gift. Well, it might pleasantly surprise you that choosing gifts for hikers should be one of the most straightforward presents you’ve ever had to purchase.

There are a plethora of equipment, accessories, clothing, and books that will make cool hiking gifts and accommodate all wallet and purse sizes. And to save you doing all the legwork of researching the gear hikers would appreciate I’ve compiled a list of all the best gifts for hikers in one handy resource.

Hiking Gifts - Top 10

Gifts for Hikers Under $25

You don’t have to spend a small fortune for hiker gifts. Yes, there are many big-ticket ideas recommended in this guide (as hiking equipment has to be lightweight and durable it often means being made from more expensive materials). But there are still plenty of options for smaller budgets. Below is my list of great hiking gifts for under $25

Button Compass

When it comes to button compasses there are many super cheap options, but you get what you pay for. So I’d recommend spending a little bit more and buy a button compass from a brand with a rich history of making quality products for the hiking enthusiast – Suunto.

Don’t worry, even this more expensive option easily falls into the “hiking gift for under $25” category. However, you now have the confidence to trust the compass will not break in your moment of need.


Every ounce of weight is vital to a hiker as they must carry what’s in their rucksack over vast distances and rugged terrain. So even something as simple as a cutlery set in engineered to weigh as little as possible.

That’s where a spork comes in handy. The name comes from merging the words spoon and fork, which is what this tool is – a spoon and fork combined into one. You‘ll also want a serrated edge on the spork to act as a knife.

The spork I’d suggest you buy is made by Light My Fire. It’s constructed from Titanium which is a material that’s renowned for being extremely lightweight and yet super strong.

Solar Light

Even if you’re not an overnight hiker it's irresistible not to stay out at a fantastic beauty spot until at least sunset. So it’s obvious that every hiker's kit bag can benefit from having a light, space efficient solar lamp.

Bear Grylls Fire Starter

If you’re an outdoors-person the odds are you’ve watched a bit of Ray Mears on the telly and seen him struggle to get a fire started with two bits of wood. It’s hard work, but a necessity to get a fire going.

In the modern world starting a fire isn’t so much of an issue as it once was. Hikers will now carry lighters or matches with them. However, a good back up is a fire starter stick. Lighters and matches have issues in high winds or if they get wet. But a fire starter will give you an extremely hot spark in any weather conditions so you can start a fire. For this reason, a fire starter makes an excellent gift for a hiker.

Waterproof notepad and pen

Some hikers like to take notes on their walks, which can be an issue in several weather conditions with a standard notepad and pen. So a great gift for hikers is a waterproof notepad or a “space” pen that’s built to withstand the elements.

Hiking Gift Basket or Stocking Stuffers Ideas

You’ll probably notice that many of the hiking gift ideas in this guide can fit multiple categories, and it’s no different with gift baskets and Christmas stocking fillers. Many of the ideas for under $25 could easily be in this section (just as several of these stocking stuffers could be in gifts for under $25).

What I’ve tried to do is divide the massive array of products into handy bite-sized parts for those of you that are in a hurry and don’t have the time to digest everything offered here.

Liquid Soap

You might think soap is a strange gift for a hiker, and maybe you’re right, but even out in the wilderness people like stay as clean as possible. And in the hiking and camping community Dr. Bronner's soap is well renowned. It’s the first organic soap and a little goes a long way – hence it being popular among hikers. I’d recommend getting the bigger bottle along with some small 2oz bottles to transfer the liquid.

Folding Saw

As mentioned throughout this hiker’s gift ideas guide the quality and weight of an item is very important to all hikers. And that’s why the ultralight folding saw by Sven is a great present. With this saw as a gift, your hiking friend will be able to effortlessly cut firewood and then pack the saw back into his gear as if it wasn’t even there.

12 oz Flask

One of the first bits of gear a person will buy when starting out as a budding hiker is a decent sized flask or water bottle - staying hydrated is of great importance with strenuous activities. But having a smaller flask is also a great idea for people that might want to bring along squash or a stronger beverage. Which makes a 12 oz flask a lovely Christmas stocking filler.

Fabric Repair Tape

Rips or holes in outdoor gear can cause all sorts of problems. Thankfully there is a great short-term solution to this that can easily be carried in a hiker’s gear. Tenacious Tape is its name, and it makes for a wonderful stocking filler.

Swiss Army Knife

Giving a Swiss Army knife is a gift where you'll have to use your judgment on the needs of your loved one. There are several different editions of Swiss Army knives so it's a little tricky to know which one to buy. My recommendation is to get the Tinker knife, as it's small and each tool will likely come in useful on a regular basis.

However, if the person you're giving a present to is a wine drinker you might prefer to purchase the Spartan knife. The only difference being the screwdriver being replaced with a corkscrew. Then you have the Swiss Champ edition that has so many tools attached to it, making it very large, that I'm hard-pressed to recommend it as a hiking gift basket or stocking stuffers idea.

Sports Tape - Great for blisters

Hiking is an activity that requires the participant to take great care of their feet. But no matter how many preventative measures are taken small cuts or blisters will happen. That's where sports tape comes in handy - it's the first thing I add to my first aid box.

Tactical Survival Bracelet

A tactical survival bracelet is such a cool gift for hikers, as not only does it look great, it's also super useful. The bracelets main body is comprised of Paracord rope, which can be used for securing gear together (as well as many other functions). Attached to the bracelet is a fire starter kit that doubles as a knife, a compass, and a loud whistle. The perfect hiking gift.

Hiking Gifts for Her

Virtually every hiking gift idea in this guide is a good present for a female hiker as the activity is exactly the same for men and women. However, there are a few gifts that are only for ladies. Such as items of clothing and shoes (although I'm pretty sure you can even share these as long as they fit). So if you're looking for a mother's day present that your dad can't continually borrow until the gift is seen as his (maybe that's just my dads trick) then these are the gifts for you.

Hiking Skirt

Not to be mistaken for skorts (a mixture of a skirt and shorts) that can be chafing on longer works. A hiking skirt is basically any skirt that is quick drying, has plenty of pocket space and is comfortable. This type of attire is only a good gift for a hiker that walks well-trodden trails, for anything else pants will be the better option.

Fitbit Watch

Hiking isn’t just about seeing fantastic scenery; it’s also an excellent workout. So giving your loved one a Fitbit watch is a beautiful present for a hiker as it gives them the ability to track how well they are doing on each hike.

Buff Headware

Buff headwear has seemingly come from nowhere to everywhere. And with the versatility it gives the owner it's no surprise (other than it hasn’t always been a thing). Not only does Buff headwear have 12 different styles to be worn, but it also has UV protection, a massive bonus for people that love being outdoors.

Rain Jacket

Waterproof clothing is probably the most crucial item of clothing for a hiker, and a rain jacket is top of that list. Having wet clothes makes them more cumbersome and the skin colder which leads the hiker being uncomfortable and more likely to get ill.

Women's Rain Pants

Just as a rain jacket is essential to stop a lovely hike being ruined, a pair of hiking pants to go along with them makes a walk in bad weather all the more enjoyable.

Women's Down Jacket

In cold weather there is nothing better than a down jacket. Insulated with duck or goose feathers a down jacket is warm, soft and comfortable - A hiker will love this for a present

Women's Hiking Pants

Unlike rain pants that are designed for the sole purpose of keeping you dry, hiking pants are made with comfort in mind. Long walks in the wrong pants can be irritating and lead to chafing.

Women's Hiking Trainers

Looking after their feet is a top priority for all hikers. And with the amount of strain and punishment they take during a hike this isn’t easy. The starting point is obviously prevention and not the cure and is why a great pair of trekking trainers is the perfect hiking gift.

Women's Hiking Boots

Personally, I prefer hiking trainers over boots, but many people I know much prefer boots. Once they are broken in, they are super comfortable and will last many more hiking trips than trainers.

Women's Hiking Sandals

Hiking sandals are obviously for the lest rigorous day-time hiking trips during beautiful weather. Hiking sandals will still give significant protection to the soles of the feet and have strapping that minimizes rubbing.

Women's Hiking Gloves

A beautiful pair of gloves with added conductive fabric on the thumb and forefinger that allows people to use touchscreen devices. You might think this isn't of much use to a hiker, but many hikers now have maps stored on their phones. So now they can be checked without having to take your gloves off.

Women's Hikers Underwear

Sexy lingerie is not for hiking. For hiking you want well fitted and comfortable underwear. That's what you get with ExOfficio and why it is a great hiking gift.

Female Hygiene Products

I'm going to leave it up to you to decide if these are acceptable presents or not as I'm sure they aren't for everyone. But if you're a woman that loves to hike these soon become essential bits of kit (warning - one of these grosses many people out).

Pee standing up with the SheWee. Surprisingly, this simple concept makes hikes so much easier.

Diva Cup - Don't let the menstrual cycle get in the way of hiking.

And for the last idea, I'll hand you over to the Appalachia Trail Girl to explain - The pee rag.

Hiking Gifts for Him

If Father’s Day is fast approaching, or it’s another special occasion for the hiking man in your life, then here are some great present ideas. Of course, if these “hiking gifts for him” aren’t to your fancy then be sure to peruse the rest of this guide as the unisex gifts will also be loved.

Men's Rain Jacket

Portwest is a company that has been making rain jackets for people that work outdoors for decades and sell their products all over the world. So if you buy one of their jackets as a present you can be sure you're giving a quality gift.

Men's Rain Pants

A rain-shell to slip over your regular hiking pants when the weather takes a turn for the worse. No one likes walking in wet pants and that why these are a great hiking gift.

Men's Down Jacket

Marmot is an outdoor clothing specialist that make some excellent hiking jackets. Keeping warm, especially when the sun goes down, is a top priority for all hikers. And with this down jacket, this will not be a problem.

Men's Hiking Pants

Products that are lightweight is probably the first thing a hiker looks for, followed by comfort. Thankfully these hiking pants are both lightweight and comfortable. On top of that, they are made with a stretchable, durable and water-resistant fabric - Perfect for hiking.

Men's Hiking Underwear

I've recommended ExOfficio Give-and-Go underwear for both "gifts for him" and "gifts for her" because they make underwear with traveling at the heart of the product. They are breathable, lightweight, odor resistant and long-wearing and can also be quickly hand washed or machine washed.

Men's Hiking Shorts

Not all hiking trips are walks through hazardous terrain. Most hikes will actually be on well-walked trails in pleasant weather. So giving a pair of shorts as a gift for a hiker is a great idea.

Men's Hiking T-shirt

Nikes dry fit t-shirts are an excellent hiking gift for all types of hikers. If they are nice-weather day-hikers, then a comfortable t-shirt is always welcomed, and for those people that hike in extreme conditions, it can be the start of layering clothes.

Men's Hiking Long-sleeve

An item of clothing that takes the bite out of the air as the sun goes down. Nikes half zip running top is excellent for people that enjoy the outdoors.

Men's Hiking Socks

Socks are the classic Christmas present. But normally they are given because the person giving the gift can't be bothered to put in any effort. This isn't the case if you give a hiker a great pair of hiking socks.

Men's Warm Socks

Pulling on a nice pair of woolen socks on a freezing day is one of hikings greatest pleasures. Hikers extremities are at greatest risk in cold temperatures and that makes warm socks the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays or fathers day.

Men's Trail Runners

Footwear doesn't have to look beautiful when it comes to hiking; they just need to be up to the harsh job at hand. But Salomon Speedcross 4 Trail Runners are so popular with hikers because they are sturdy enough for hiking and they also look great.


Gaiters are used by hikers to protect their shoes and socks from trail debris. Gaiters are one of them gifts that a person didn't know they wanted until they get one.

Snow Traction

Snow traction spikes are obviously a gift for the more hardcore hiker. These are only a great gift for people that hike frozen winter trails or people that go ice fishing.

Gifts for Hikers with Dogs

Dogs love to go walkies as much as hikers, so what’s a fantastic gift to get dog-loving hikers? It's simple, hiking is an intensive workout for humans and dogs, so just get the creature comforts that a human would appreciate, but made for dogs.

Earth Rated Poop Bag Starter Kit

Many hiking trails are well trodden, and there is zero chance the recipient of your hiking gift and their dog will be the last to walk the trail. It’s common courtesy to leave no signs of your presence to fellow hikers, and this is why a doggy poop bag is a nice present.

You might think that animal poop is all part and parcel of the great outdoors and can be left to decompose. But dog poo can mess with the local ecosystem and be concerning to other hikers with dogs - as they’ll not know if the waste is from a vaccinated dog or wild dog.

So your gift is not only for your loved one, but also other dog-loving hikers and the great outdoors itself.

Dog Saftey Light

It’s lovely to give a dog the freedom to run around outdoors off the leash without the worry of the dangers of modern city life. But this does come with its own set of dangers. One such risk is losing your dog in fading light or having your dog scare other hikers in the dark. A clip-on beacon light solves these problems.

Dog First Aid Book and Kit

Accidences rarely happen, but they do happen, all you can do is to minimise the risk of them arising and to be prepared for when they do. Does the dog-loving hiking friend you want to buy a gift for know what to do if their dog is choking, bleeding or has a fish hook injury? No. Then a great gift idea would be to get them a dog first aid book or medical kit.

Collapsible Dog Bowl

An army marches on its stomach is an expression used to signify the importance of being fed and watered before embarking on a long walk. And it's no different for dogs. However, traditional dog bowls are too chunky to be packed with hiking gear, which makes a collapsible dog bowl an excellent hiking gift for people with dogs.

Dog Hiking Backpack

Dogs can’t help themselves in imitating their human companion. It’s built into their DNA. So what better hiking gift for dogs than a backpack to mimic their owner.

Dog Foot Wear and Care

Even the smallest of foot injuries can become extremely painful during a long hike. For this reason, hikers take excellent care of their feet and wear well-made socks and shoes. Although dogs have far superior padding on the soles of their feet, it's still a good idea to take extra care when going out hiking.

The present I recommend to give a hiking dog is Musher's Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax that will protect paws from sand, hot pavement, ice, and salt or water resistant dog shoes.

Dog Sleeping Pad

A good nights rest is of the utmost importance when partaking in strenuous activities and is why most hikers will have a sleeping pad packed in their gear. You can also afford a dog this luxury by giving the Mountain Smith dog pad as a hiking gift.

Sleeping Bag for Dogs

One step further in the luxury sleeping conditions for dogs is to give them their very own sleeping bag to keep them nice and warm. Ruffwear is a company that specializes in equipment for dog owners that love the adventure of venturing out into the wilderness. And one of their best products is the Highlands sleeping bag for dogs.

Float Coat

Some people like to hike around lakes with their four-legged friend. And although these large bodies of water add incredible beauty to the scenery they also bring extra dangers to dogs. Dogs are strong swimmers if given perfect conditions, but it's rare to have ideal conditions out in the wild. And for this reason, the gift of a float coat will be very well received by anyone who loves their dog.

More Great Gift Ideas

Hiking Gifts for Kids

Write something on kids hiking, maybe exercise and getting to know the world we live in

Hiking stick and hiking stick Medallion

Children love to be rewarded for activates, and hiking is no different, which makes a wooden hiking stick the perfect present.

Most national parks, which is where hiking is mostly done with kids, have a souvenir shop. And these shops sell hiking stick medallions to say you have been to the park and completed a trail. Which is like a mini trophy for a child. They'll then want to go on more hikes in order to add more medallions to their hiking stick.

Emergency whistle

When it comes to hiking gifts for kids there is no better present than one that doubles as a safety device. An emergency whistle does just that, by giving a lost child a much better chance of being found.

Now I understand a whistle might come as a bit of a disappointment to an excited youngster eagerly unwrapping their gift. A much better present would be a multi-purpose whistle like the one made by Coghlans. This whistle is like a Swiss army knife for kids, with a magnifier, compass, light, signal mirror, and thermometer all attached.

Kids game

Enjoying yourself can be the best way of learning new snippets of information. And that's what makes the National Parks edition of Monopoly a brilliant gift for kids that love to hike. With this game, even when they are at home enjoying a family board game they can still be learning about 60 of the most popular national parks and the animals that inhabit them.

Adventure Pack

What's better than receiving a thoughtful gift? Receiving four. And that's what you get when you buy the Back to Nature outdoor gift set for kids. This adventure pack comes with a hand-cranked flashlight, a set of binoculars, a compass, and a magnifying glass.

Torch Radio

Hiking gifts for kids don't always have to be solely for children, and my recommended torch radio is the perfect example. The iRonsnow is a hand-cracked and solar powered torch with a built-in radio. But what makes this a great item to carry on hikes is it also doubles as a USB charger. Meaning you can charge your phone or laptop, which is great for kids and adults.

Hiking Accessories Gifts

With hiking accessory gifts you can really go to town to spoil that special person in your life. There are so many lovely little presents that can make the already enjoyable pastime of hiking just that tiny bit more satisfying. This article is clearly about gift ideas for hikers, but for each of the accessory ideas below I have also given an example of the product I think is currently the best.


Pillows divide the hiking community, many see them as an unnecessary luxury that takes up far too much of the valuable space in a backpack, others simply can’t sleep without one. A nice compromise and a great hiking gift is a small stuff sack. These are small and lightweight and can be stuffed with as many or few clothes as needed for the desired plumpness.


Torches are the standard tool to use when hikers need to see in the dark but often there are times when having both hands free is a massive advantage. And this is when having a headlamp is apricated and why hikers would love this as a present.


By far the best way to relax after a long days walking is to kick back in a hammock. Because of its ultra-small size, the Hummingbird hammock is the ideal gift for hiking lovers. But I would say this is more a gift for the younger, more agile person as they are tricky to get in and out of.

Stuff Sacks

It was a stuff sack that I recommended you buy in the best pillow section, so I'm going to suggest the same company if you want to buy a stuff sack as a hiking gift. Hyperlite stuff sacks come in several different sizes, so unless the plan is to double it up as a pillow you might want to get one of the larger sacks. But in order not to recommend the same gift twice another great option is the stuff sack from Liberty Mountain.

Dry Sacks

Pretty sure I don't need to explain the benefits of a dry sack to a hiker, especially for those that like to hike all year round. I think the dry sack from Sea to Summit is currently the best available and at a very reasonable price.

Backpack Chair

If some hikers turn up their nose at having the luxury of a pillow in their kit they'll likely have a heart attack at the prospects of a chair weighing them down. I've done my fair share of "roughing it" hikes where I pack the lightest possible bag but not all hikes have to be like this. On day-hikes, I like to bring a backpack chair to relax in, while having lunch, and taking in the beauty of the great outdoors.


Map reading is one of the essential skills any serious hiker needs and having a nice compass makes this job all the easier. Suunto is the market leader in great hiking compasses and a present that will be loved by the receiver.

Trekking Poles

There are some definite benefits when people use trekking poles, they help with balance, they reduce the chance of blood pooling in your hands, and the most significant advantage is they reduce stress on the knees by approximately 5kg every step. So it's clear to see why trekking poles make a wonderful hiking gift.


Style is a very individual thing, and sunglasses typically fall into the category of fashion and not equipment. But some sunglasses are better for hiking than others. You want them to be durable, well fitted, light, and give plenty of eye cover (even wrapping around to protect from the sides). I'm recommending a pair of Oakley sunglasses as they are renowned for making great glasses for outdoor activities and not solely for fashion.


Having equipment that is multi-purpose is ideal for hikers that need to travel light, and there is one stand out quality brand when it comes to multi-tools - Leatherman.

Their most famous multi-tool has 14 tools attached and is a great hiking gift idea, but if you can afford the extra money, the 19 tool Leatherman has better tools for outdoor people.

First Aid Kit

It's highly unlikely that a medical kit pops into your mind when you think of presents, and to be honest, it is a bit of a strange one. But hikers love anything that is designed to be ultra light and with active outdoor enthusiasts in mind. And the first aid kit by Adventure Medical Kits is precisely that.

Hiking Towel

A towels a towel for anyone that doesn't hike. As long as it get's you dry that's all that matters. But for hikers, it's a massive consumer of limited backpack space. This no longer has to be the case with the fantastic Nano towel from PackTowl.

Bug Repellant

New products for bug repellant hit the shops every year, but for me it safe to stick with tried and tested bug repellants that contain either permethrin or DEET. These products will make for a pretty odd gift on their own, so I'd recommend only buying it as part of a gift pack or adding to a first aid kit.

Cathole Trowel

Having someone open a present to find a cathole trowel might lead to some amusing questions from people that don't know what it's for, but I'm sure any hiker that knows the saying "leaving nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories" will appreciate it as a gift.

Tent Stakes

Tent stakes are another excellent hiking gift that you might want to add to a gift basket or along with another gift. It's incredible how many tent stakes I lose or misplace in the garage, so having a few spar stakes is always a good idea.


You can spend thousands of dollars on top of the range military quality binoculars, but for the average hiker, they are overkill. What you'll want if you're giving binoculars as a gift for hikers is a decent magnification, and they are small and lightweight. Bushnell is a company famous around the world for quality binoculars, and they also make a great compact set.


Let's be honest, a camera is a fantastic gift for anyone, not just hikers. But if you're buying a camera with the intended use of being taken hiking then it is best to get a small durable unit. And the best camera for this is the Sony RX100.


Hikers are fortunate enough to see some of the most picturesque places the world has to offer. And although carrying a camera and a tripod might seem crazy for people that want super light backpacks the lure of capturing the perfect picture to show family and friends makes the effort all worth it.


Books are a classic gift that works for every occasion, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, it doesn’t matter. If the hiker you plan to buy a gift for loves to read books then an amazing present would be the Kindle Paperwhite as they can easily carry this with them, it stores hundreds of books, and it’s glare-free meaning it’s great for reading outdoors.

However, if you’d like to buy an old-school paper book, here’s a list of a few good options.

Hiking Solar Panels

Electrical goods are becoming far more common among the hiking community and this gives rise to the obvious problem – how to power the devices. Thankfully there is a nice easy solution in the form of solar panel chargers. Anker is a firm that makes what I’d say is the best option but if you think this is too large then you can buy this phone sized charger.

Garmin Satellite Communicator

When out trekking in no man’s land a small problem can fast become a life-threatening situation. If you don’t have the ability to make it back to civilization the consequences can be disastrous. This doesn’t have to be a such a worrisome issue if you give a hiker the gift of a satellite communicator.

Hiking Gear Gifts

We now enter the realms of the big priced hiking gift ideas - hikers gear. It's wise when buying a present in this price range to know a little about the hiking activates of the person you're buying for. Because if they only hike during the day then it would be silly to get them a tent or sleeping bag, or if they have recently bought a new backpack it is unlikely they'd need another one.

So before jumping in and buying hiking gear listen out for any hints the gift receiver might give away or try pry some information out of them by bringing up the subject of hiking. If you're also a hiker it'd be easy to have a conversation about hiking equipment you'd like to buy someday in the hope they'll tell you what they'd like. You could also ask other friends or family members for advice.


For people that like to plan hiking trips that last several days, a quality tent is one of their most prized possessions. I remember hiking competitions when I was a scout, we carried a two-man tent for a three-man team because the weight and size of the tent on long walks could be the difference between achieving your day's goals and failure.

So clearly a tent is a very important bit of equipment for a hiker and the best ones come with some scary price tags. So if this is a hiking gift you wish to buy it might be best you confer with the intended recipient of the present before buying something that could become an expensive paperweight.

Best All-Around Tent

Best All-Around Tent - Hiking Gear Gifts

Best Ultralight Tent

Best Ultralight Tent - Hiking Gear Gifts

Best Budget Tent

Best Budget Tent - Hiking Gear Gifts


Whether a day hiker, night hiker, weekend hiker or someone that goes on a walkabout for weeks, the one common item every type of hiker has is a backpack. It’s what brings everything together to form a functioning unit with multiple purposes.

Best All-Around Backpack

Best All-Around Backpack - Hiking Gear Gifts

Best Comfort Backpack

Best Comfort Backpack - Hiking Gear Gifts

Best Ultralight Backpack

Best Ultralight Backpack - Hiking Gear Gifts

Sleeping Bags

After a long day of walking, a sleeping bag is one of the few comforts that you can snuggle into that makes you feel at home while under the stars. Unfortunately, the luxury of a sleeping bag that keeps you warm, dry, and folds small enough to fit a backpack that's already stuffed with gear doesn't come cheap (although I'll recommend a cheaper option for hikers that don't camp out in really cold temperatures).

Best All-Around Sleeping Bag

Best All-Around Sleeping Bag - Hiking Gear Gifts

Best Quality Sleeping Bag

Best Quality Sleeping Bag - Hiking Gear Gifts

Best Ultralight Quilt

Best Ultralight Quilt - Hiking Gear Gifts

Best Cheap Sleeping Bag

Best Cheap Sleeping Bag - Hiking Gear Gifts

Sleeping Pads

Some people are extremely protective of their sleep. They make sure they get at least eight hours of quality, comfortable sleep every night - even while out hiking. A sleeping bag will give them the warmth to enjoy, but to get the comfort needed for a really good nights sleep that feels like they're in a bed they'll need the cushioning of a sleeping pad. This is a really good hiking gift as it'll give the recipient a nice memory to recall, the special occasion in which you gave them the gift, just before they drop off to sleep in the wilderness away from their loved ones.

Best All-Around Pad

Best All-Around Pad - Hiking Gear Gifts

Best Cold Weather Pad

Best Cold Weather Pad - Hiking Gear Gifts

Best Comfort Pad

Best Comfort Pad - Hiking Gear Gifts

Best Cheap Sleeping Pad

Best Cheap Sleeping Pad - Hiking Gear Gifts

Hikers Kitchen

The average American male burns roughly 100 calories per mile walked. So, as you can imagine, food is very important on a long hike. Many hikers will pack a meal they can eat straight from the packet, but if you want a hot meal you’ll need to bring along a few extra supplies.

Best Stove System: JetBoil MiniMo

The most convenient way to have a hot meal while out hiking is to bring along a stove system. This will have everything you need to cook or reheat a small pan of food (like a soup, beans or a chili). There are many stoves available for cooking, but what makes the JetBoil such a great gift for hikers is it’s been designed with hikers in mind. It is extremely small and lightweight.

Best Ultralight Stove: MSR Pocket Rocket 2

A cheaper option to buying a stove system, but yet still a great hiking gift, is to just buy the head of the stove. MRS pocket rocket is defiantly a firm favorite with hikers that like to travel ultralight.

Best Solo Cookpot: Snow Peak Mini Solo Cookset

Having a heat source to cook food is the first step. Next, you need something to cook your food in. Needless to say, pots and pans can take up a lot of backpack space, but they can still be light and durable. And every hiker knows to pack stuff into their pots to which minimizes the impact on backpack space.

Best Spoon: Snow Peak Folding Spoon

I've already recommended a spork as an amazing hiking gift, but you can get even lighter and smaller than that if all you want is a spoon. A titanium folding spoon is a wonderful present if weight and space is the main concern.

Best Cup: GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacker Mug

My personal favorite for a hot drink on a long hike is a cup of tomato soup. Most people I hike with much prefer a cup of coffee or even a tea, as it perks them up for the hike ahead. But whatever you like to drink, one item is needed - A cup.

Food Storage: Ursack

Unless your a reqular hiker you probably didn't think food storage was something a hiker needed. But out in the wild if you leave your food as easy pickings you can be sure some animal will steal it. If you've still got several days trekking ahead of you this can be a life-threatening issue.

So, as with many of the hiking gear gift ideas I've recommended. Although they might seem like strange gifts to the average person, to hikers they will know the importance of each bit of equipment and appreciate the present and the thought that has gone into buying it.

Food Storage: Bear Vault BV 500

Another great bit of equipment for food storage is the Bear Vault. And although, as the name suggests, this bit of kit is designed to keep bears out, I think that's not it's best selling point. The Ursack mentioned about is also designed to keep bears out and being a bag can easily crumple down to match the amount of food you have. So if it was just bear I was worried about I'd go for the Ursack. However, the Bear Vaults advantage is that it also stops the tinyest food theifs from gaining access, such as ants. So deciding on which to buy depends on the food that will be carried and the food raiders that are likely to be a problem.

Water Purification

With all the advances in hiking equipment, making it smaller, lighter, stronger, and warmer, very little has changed with the lifeblood of a hiker - water. Water is heavy, and although the storage devices have improved this doesn't negate the difficulty in having to carry a week's worth of water on a hike. What can help is leaving the water at home and bringing a water purification kit and sourcing your water out in the wilderness. Below are several of the best bits of kit designed to help you get a drink.


By far the most popular hiking water gadget on the market is the Life Straw. It's a great present, and every hiker I ever given one or has seen that I have one has been itching to try it as soon as they could.

Best Water Purifier: SteriPEN Ultra

Use the SteriPen to gauarentee you don't get ill from the water you drink. This gift will eliminate 99.99% of all bacteria, viruses and protozoa using UV light to zap them dead.

Best Water Filter: Sawyer Products

Sawyer makes many great water filters and it's hard to recommend just one. So i'm not going to, i'm going to recommend three of their products that will make the perfect hiking gift.

Sawyer Mini
Sawyer Point One
Sawyer S3

Best Chemical Treatment: Aquamira

To the average person a chemical treatment for water sounds slightly dangerous, but the complete opposite is true, it actually saves lives. And if you give this as a gift to a hiker you'll not be giving it to the average person but a person that knows the importance of water and such a product.

Water Bottles: 1L Smartwater Bottles

Using water purification and filtration equipment is great for hikes where water will be available to use, but this isn't always the case. And on short hikes it might be better to just carry water as you backpack isn't going to be crammed full of other equipment. Of course you can use tap water but my recomendation for the best water is Smartwater.

Portable water bottle

Whether a hiker uses a water purafier or buys bottled water giving them a protable water bottle is always a welcome gift. There are hundreds to choice from and I'm sure that what ever bottle you buy the hiker will love it. Or you can take my recommendation and buy the Nalgene Tritan bottle, I can guarentee this is an amazing water bottle and a great hiking gift.

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