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Relaxing with friends and family, enjoying great food, a cold drink, and beautiful weather. It's easy to see why people love to BBQ. Grilling and smoking food is a pass-time that is becoming more popular every year thanks to forums and social media allowing people to share ideas and ask for help. The days of burnt or raw food cooked on a disposable quick light grill thankfully seem to be behind us and now there is a need for good quality BBQ equipment designed for the backyard pitmaster. So if a loved one who grills is having a special occasion a great gift idea is to buy them some grilling equipment. Just follow our best grilling gift ideas guide and you can't go wrong.

Grilling Gifts - Top 10

Outdoor Grilling Thermometers Gifts

The first step any budding pitmaster needs to master is temperature control. Getting the grill, and the foods internal temps right is all that's needed for creating beautiful tasting food. This doesn't have to be done by guesswork. There are plenty of amazing thermometers designed specifically for outdoor cooking and would make a great gift for a BBQ lover.

Instant Read Thermometer

Dual Probe Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer

Clothes – BBQ Apparel Gifts

If you go to any BBQ competition or grilling festival you'll be shocked by the amount or BBQ branded clothing people are wearing. For many grill enthusiasts, BBQing is a way of life and not just something that is done on the odd holiday weekend. So a perfect present for a BBQ lover is some branded merchandise or clothing that serves a purpose - grilling gifts with a touch of style.

Heat Resistant Gloves

Cut Resistant Gloves - Chainmail


Branded Hats and Tees

There are many great companies that do amazing grilling clothing. Below are five of my favorites.

Cool Grilling Gifts

Our section on cool grilling gift ideas will show you how wide the possible selection of presents is for BBQ'ers. Here I'll run through loads of different gadgets and cooking tools that will make wonderful gifts for BBQ lovers

Drink Colster

Meat Injector Kit

Mesh Food Cover

Meat Tenderizer


Bug Killer


Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank

Outdoor Popcorn Popper

BBQ Sauce Making Kit

Hot Sauce Making Kit

Grilling Rubs Gift Set

Cedar Grilling Planks

Cedar Wraps

Beer Can Chicken Rack

Smoker Box

Flavored Wood Chips

Chicken Leg Rack

Grilling Skewer Set

Jalapeno Grill Rack

Vegetable Grill Basket

Easy Flip Grill Basket

Rib Rack

Beer Chiller

Burger Press

Chopping Board

Sous Vide

Portable BBQ

Grill Mats

BBQ Chimney Starter

Looftlighter Grill Starter

Side Stove

Grill Light

Prep Station - BBQ Table

More Great Gift Ideas

Grilling Book Gifts

Many of the worlds best grillers and smokers have written their knowledge down in some wonderful books. But as with all genres of cooking, there are also plenty of chancers trying to cash in on the popularity of certain cooking styles. So knowing what book to buy is a minefield. Fortunately, our best grilling gift ideas guide has you covered with a list of the ten best BBQ books.


Planet Barbecue

Barbecue Sauces, Rubs And Marinades

The Barbecue Bible

Southern Living Ultimate Book of BBQ

Cooking with Fire

Project Smoke

Franklin Barbecue

Master of the Grill

Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ Book

Cast Iron Grilling Gifts

You can't use your normal kitchen pots and pans for your grill or open fire as they often have bits on them that would melt. The best option is cast iron alternatives. And although you can grill a wide range of food on the grill grates, having a few nice cast iron items such as a dutch oven opens up the cooking options immeasurably. Making cast iron an amazing gift for grillers.

Dutch Oven

Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron Wok

Sauce Melting Pot

Cast Iron Grill Grate

BBQ Knives Grilling Gift

Grilling and smoking is often a budget-friendly pastime. Of course you have your expensive top of the range smokers and grills, but generally, you can make do with cheaper or DIY items. Unfortunately this isn't the case with a good set of knives. The difference between a quality well-made knife and a budget knife is massive. So if you have the money to splash out on an expensive present then one of the recommended knives below would sure be welcomed.

Chef's Knife

Paring Knife

Boning Knife

Slicing Knife

Meat Cleaver

Pulled Pork Claws

Knife Sharpener

Grill Cleaning Equipment Gifts

With a combination of fire, rubs, and sauces, grill sure can get messy. Many people clean grills using the cheap and cheerful methods of getting a roaring fire going to burn off any mess, or use a scrunched up aluminum foil ball to scrub grill grates clean. So giving a grilling gift of a specialized grill cleaner will be very well received.

Grill Cleaner

BBQ Scraper Cleaner

Bristle Free Grill Cleaner

Grill Cleaning Block

Grillbot Cleaning Brush

Weber Grill Cleaning Kit

Kettle Grill Gifts

The most common grill in peoples backyards will be a kettle grill, and likely to be made by Weber. If this is the style of grill the person you're buying a present for owns then there is a great selection of add-ons you can give as a gift.

Slow n Sear


Pizza Oven

Santa Corona

Fire Butler

Grilling Gifts Stocking Stuffers

Christmas and birthdays are the most popular days to give out presents, and all the above gifts would be great for these occasions - also fathers day, retirement presents, etc. But there is one type of gift that is strictly given at Christmas. And that's small stocking stuffer gifts. Here are a few ideas for Christmas grilling gift stocking stuffers.

Mini Thermometer

Hot Sause

Bottle Opener

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