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Best Gifts for Bird Watchers. Perfect Presents Every Birding Lover will Appreciate

If you're looking for the best bird watching gifts then you're in the right place. Bird watching is a very popular pass-time, but unless it's a hobby you take part in you're unlikely to much about it. And therefore you'll not be clued up on what makes an excellent gift for bird watchers.

Below you'll find many cool presents for bird watchers, such as optics and other essential equipment, book ideas, clothing and Christmas bird watching gifts and much more. If you have any great ideas that I've missed, please let me know, and I'll add it to let other readers know.

Best Bird Watcher Gifts - Top 10

Best Bird Watching Equipment Gifts

I'm not going to lie to you; bird watching equipment can be costly. With most of it out of range for the average gift budget. But I can't write a bird watching gifts guide without recommending binoculars or camera gear. However, don't be deterred, if you want to buy a gift for a bird watcher, I've also added some cheaper options and a range of well-priced equipment that's not binoculars or a camera.

Bird Watching Spotting Scope

Cheaper Option

Bird Watching Binoculars

Best Binoculars

Best Binoculars - Bird Watching Equipment Gifts

Best Mid-Range Binoculars

Best Mid-Range Binoculars - Bird Watching Equipment Gifts

Best Cheap Binoculars

Best Cheap Binoculars - Bird Watching Equipment Gifts

Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount

Canon 7D Mark II Camera

Optics Car Window Mount

Leatherman Multi-tool

Swiss Army Knife

Mountainsmith Trekker Monopod Hiking Staff


Sunski are part of the 1% for the planet, so buying these glasses helps protect birds.

Water Bottle

Soft Cooler Bag

Pop-up Bird Watching Tent

Travel Blanket for the Car

Touchscreen Gloves

Men's Hiking Boots

Women's Hiking Boots

Waterproof Notepad

Gift Ideas for Backyard Bird Watchers

Not all bird watchers have the luxury of being able to get out into the great outdoors to pursue their hobby. But that doesn't mean they have to stop enjoying the pleasure of watching birds. Give your loved one a backyard bird watching gift which will allow them to sit happily at home and watch birds.

National Geographic Backyard Birds Guide

Bird Feeder

Bird Bath

Birdhouse Spy Cam

Wildlife Monitor

Backyard Birding Postcards

The Backyard Birdsong Guide

Bird Watching Gift Experiences

With bird watching gift experiences, you're not just buying a present. You're purchasing fabulous memories. So a gift that will last a lifetime.

Hog Island Audubon Camp

National Parks Annual Pass

National Audubon Society Flyway Expeditions

More Great Gift Ideas

Bird Watching Gifts for Kids

Commonly, you don't associate bird watching with children, but I believe it should be. It's educational, it get's the kids outside, and if combined with some hiking, camping or even kayaking it's great exercise and fun. So it's definitely a good idea to buy kids a bird watching gift and get them into a beautiful pass-time early.

Owl Kite

National Geographic Kids Bird Guide

Kids Binoculars

Backyard Safari Vest

Bird Watching Kids Gift Set

Christmas Gifts for Bird Watchers

As with every article we have on, all gift ideas are good for Christmas. But our section on Christmas gifts for bird watchers is more related to small presents that make great stocking stuffers.

Duck Stamp

Mini Ball Head Mount

Portable Charger

Boxed Audubon Bird Call

Small Folding Binoculars

Bird Themed Gifts

There is one thing you can guarantee about bird watchers, and it's that they love birds. So buying a gift for a bird watcher doesn't mean the present has to be strictly for bird watching. It can be anything with a bird printed on it.

Charley Harper Coasters

BBC Planet Earth II

Bird Watcher Coffee Mug

The Naturalist's Notebook

Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling

Birding Without Borders: An Obsession, a Quest, and the Biggest Year in the World

The Wonder of Birds: What They Tell Us About Ourselves, the World, and a Better Future

Aves Uncaged Playing Cards

Cornell Guide to Bird Sounds

Birding T-Shirt

Birder Socks

Bird Nerd Cap

Birding Flash Cards

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